Future Player Academy


Travel Team Training


FPA will provide player and team development that focuses on your players technical skills and decision making abilities. We will concentrate on developing individual skill as well as team development.


Individual Training 


FPA will provide individual one on one sessions with one of our top FPA trainers to develop a players individual skills, fitness and agility. We also have a strength and conditioning coach on staff to help develop players in that area. Sessions may be 1 hour or 90 minutes. Please call for rates for this training.


Tryout Programs


FPA’s Staff will run and evaluate your teams tryouts and provide you with a comprehensive ranking of each player. We will rank players based on skill level and decision making abilities. FPA will set the guidelines and work with each team’s coaches prior to the start of every tryout. Please call for rates for this training.


FPA will also evaluate all goalkeepers on your team, as we have a Professional Goalkeeper Coach on staff. FPA will provide a full analysis of each goalkeeper and rank them for you as well. Please call for rates for this training.


Coaching Clinics


FPA can provide clinics for all levels of coaching within your organization. Coaching clinics are available for all elements of the game. Please contacts us for Rates and  available clinic dates in your area. Please call for rates for this training.