Future Player Academy

FPA Philosophy

FPA coaching curriculum is based on research that players can be taught both physical and mental skills to improve their quality of play. At the center of this belief is that young players can be taught to acquire both technical and mental skills to help them excel both on and off the field of play. We follow these beliefs and instill them in each player while also developing their physical abilities.



FPA seeks to create a learning environment where kids are encouraged to find a love and passion for the game of soccer. With that love and passion comes hard work and DEDICATION to becoming a better player both physically and mentally. FPA will develop players as youth and get them ready over the years eventually for the High School Game.



FPA places tremendous emphasis on technical skill and individual ball skills. We also place emphasis on how train as a team and to be able to learn from certain game experiences. Developing technical skills and the knowledge of when, where and why to apply them in game settings takes experience and hard training sessions to develop these skills. We will also develop these skills through indoor leagues, spring leagues, summer leagues and European training trips as well.



At FPA we believe attitude and behavior are learned skills especially during a players prime learning years of the 5th -8th grades. FPA will determine success by taking the long-term approach on player development and will not sacrifice our principals in order to achieve short-term success. Our goal is to develop super players at the middle school ages of 5th-8th grades both physically and mentally and have them ready to compete at a high level once they reach high school soccer. Our goal is have to have a player ADVANCE his skills each month through DEDICATION, TRAINING HARD and finally ADVANCEMENT of a players skill level where they are ready to play at a high level.