Future Player Academy

FPA Premier


FPA Premier will progress talented players from Abington area local travel clubs into one regional, premier team playing against skilled competition.  FPA will provide a premier training and development experience with a local club feel.


FPA Premier focuses on the growth and development of players to achieve their full potential.  This is accomplished through challenging training sessions, playing premier competition and instilling a love for the game.  Each individual player is developed to reach their maximum potential, including all levels of collegiate soccer.


FPA Premier will develop players by providing affordable, multi-season, advanced training and competitive play in a positive and encouraging environment.  FPA teams will be among the top teams in the Eastern Pennsylvania region.  FPA teams will compete in highly competitive fall and spring leagues and the region’s top tournaments.  FPA players will achieve a high “soccer IQ”.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who/What is FPA/FPA Premier?

Future Player Academy (FPA) is a youth soccer training company in Eastern PA comprised of former collegiate and semi-professional players.  FPA Premier was created for players looking to raise their level of play and progress away from their local soccer clubs into a more challenging regional premier team.  FPA Premier will be an 8 month commitment that provides advanced training by FPA and better competition than most travel clubs provide.

What is the FPA philosophy?

FPA wants to take committed players to a higher level by delivering a premier training and development experience with a local club feel.  The goal is to provide players and families a balanced experience.  We do this by striking the right combination of expectations, commitment, playing time, intensity, cost and fun.  FPA believes youth players can develop into exceptional soccer players without the extreme time commitment and high cost often associated with a premier team.

What does a FPA player look like?

FPA Players:

Love the sport
Are dedicated and committed
Put team accomplishments above individual goals
Are concerned with technical and tactical development
Are typically looking to play beyond high school
Want to play against high level competition
Demonstrate sportsmanship and class

What is the schedule?

FPA Premiere will begin indoor practice in Abington once per week in early January and begin playing in the MAPS league this spring.

What is the MAPS league and why is FPA playing there?

MAPS very closely matches the FPA philosophy. The MAPS league was started to provide additional games as teams advance from local play into regional play. MAPS believes that quality soccer competition and player development always comes first. MAPS is intended for premier-team programs and is designed to provide the “right level” of competition for developing the full potential of serious players.

For more information on MAPS, please click MAPS League

For any other questions or more information, please email [email protected]

When are tryouts?

FPA Premiere is currently seeking dedicated, skilled U14 boys to round out our roster. FPA is holding a tryouts on Sunday December 7 at 1PM at Abington Friends School (AFS). If a second tryout date is necessary, all registered players will be contacted.

To attend tryouts, please click Registration and complete the form!